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Evicting a Tenant

Mr. Greenfield gave me all the information I needed on two times I contacted him. He was very helpful , I followed his instructions, and had no problems with the eviction of my tenant.. If I need an attorney in the future I would most likely hire him. Thank you.!

- (4 star review)

Mr. Robert Magargal

Mr Greenfield was extremely professional and upfront with us throughout our entire situation. His guidance was so valuable as we had a major issue that we needed a professional to handle. He always kept us on track during the entire process. When we had a question he had he right answer for us. When you hire legal council there has to be a trust between both parties. It was very apparent he had our best interests at heart. I had never been deposed before and with his guidance he made it so I knew exactly was going to happen and that was what I needed. We went through the process without any issues at all. It was great to walk away and say, it went just like you said it would Mr Green Field. I cant say enough about how calm he was during the process. He kept my emotions on track as well. He is a great lawyer and a great coach.

- (5 star review)

A Trustworthy Attorney with Old School Values

After an unfortunate tenant (me) landlord dispute I was turned onto Andrew Phillip Greenfield, Attorney at Law. I must say everything I’ve ever heard about attorneys went out the window. He was a very kind man and concerned about every single detail of the event. He went above and beyond what I’d hoped for from a lawyer

He quickly got me a reasonable settlement. Words can’t say how grateful I am thank you.

- (5 star review)


The first time I spoke to Andrew I knew he was the lawer I needed, he was very knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with my specific situation. He was great at explaining everything so I can understand my case and possibilities. I’m happy to say everything worked out just fine. Thank you again.

- (5 star review)

HOA problems

Andrew solved my dispute with my home owners association in one visit. He responded to their various issues in a frank and professional letter. They have not bothered me since. What a relief. Thank you for your advise and suggestions.

- (5 star review)

The needle in the haystack…

There are a few times in life when you may find yourself in a situation you can’t resolve yourself and need straight, honest answers from a professional.

I had lots of questions about my situation and wasn’t sure if I needed to pursue it legally or even if I could. I called around and spoke to many lawyers that didn’t really answer any questions I had, they all asked me to set up a consult appointment that would’ve cost $150-$250 with no guarantee of help. That was before finding Andy…

Andy cut straight to the point, answered ALL my questions and even offered advice for things I didn’t even think of, all over the phone. We set up a consult where he gathered all the info from me he needed and ran with it. Not only is he diligent, knowledgeable and a proficient professional, he’s personable, down to Earth and (get ready for it) NOT a money hungry scum bag! He actually has a soul and practices law for the right reasons.

In the end, I was granted what we asked for in court. Thanks to Andy, my highly stressful situation was remedied with Andy’s no bull, straight forward, honest and professional approach to my case. He threw in a little heart and helped me tremendously!

Andy is proficient in many areas, I recommend you call him to see if he can help before calling anyone else. He won’t waste your time or take your money if he can’t do anything for you.

- (5 star review)

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