Business and Employment Law

Making a business successful and profitable is a tremendous amount of work. In order to make it thrive, you need an experienced business law firm to advise you on legal issues and zealously represent you in court if necessary. The Greenfield Law Firm, APC is available to represent business owners in a variety of areas in business law including:

  • Contracts and transactions – Negotiation, drafting and review of contracts including employment contracts. Representing business owners in court when disputes arise between outside contractors, salespersons or vendors.
  • Employment matters – Providing advice and representation on employment issues, including employer handbooks, wage and hour disputes and employee lawsuits for wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment. We also have considerable experience in representing businesses in disputes before the California Labor Board.
  • Partnership disputes – Sometimes a partnership doesn’t work out and former partners can unfortunately become adversaries. We can assist in reaching a favorable resolution or vigorously defending your interests in the courtroom.

At The Greenfield Law Firm, we will work with you to avoid litigation wherever possible. However, we also understand that in some instances, litigation is necessary and we will be fully prepared to go to court to stand up for your rights. We know that oftentimes, the outcome of litigation can be important to ensuring your business remains viable. We will take all the necessary steps to protect your business and work hard to ensure a successful outcome at a reasonable cost.

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