Real Estate/Landlord-Tenant Law

Those who own and lease property learn quickly that tenants often do not live up to their obligations and may not pay rent, damage the property, or conduct illegal activities. Renting property in California also involves complying with many state and federal laws, ordinances and fair housing issues. The Greenfield Law Firm is a San Diego landlord/tenant law firm serving all of California and is experienced in counseling landlords on their rights and obligations regarding the leasing of residential and commercial properties.

Evicting tenants: Not a simple process

A happy landlord is one who has a good tenant that timely pays rent, respects the property and obeys the rules. However, all too often landlords are faced with a tenant who doesn’t pay, breaks the rules or damages the property. In that case, the landlord needs to evict the tenant. However, the process is complicated, technical and the simplest mistake results in the tenant evading eviction, remaining on the property without paying rent and often collecting attorneys’ fees. This is why you should contact The Greenfield Law Firm. We are an experienced landlord/tenant firm who knows the law with respect to residential and commercial tenancies and can save you a lot of headaches.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate transactions can sometimes take unexpected turns which may ultimately require litigation to resolve. When a real estate transaction goes bad, you need an experienced real estate litigation lawyer to help protect your rights. Some of the types of issues which can ultimately result in litigation include:

  • Disputes over easements and common areas
  • Disputes regarding liens
  • Failure to disclose defects prior to closing
  • Disputes between property owners

When you need a southern California real estate litigation lawyer, call on The Greenfield Law Firm. We have the skills and experience needed to ensure that everything is done that will help protect your interests regardless of how simple or complicated the case is. We will put all of our efforts into helping protect your rights.

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